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Great company. They did a awesome job, price was great. They cleaned up very well and was very helpful on giving information on trees i didn’t even see as a threat. Thank you T&D, i have already referred to you to my family and friends.

Eddy I.


Did an outstanding job and very courteous!! So I you want the job done right!! Give them a call!! Glad I did!!!

Jessica A.


These people are the best in the business in the area. They are very polite and professional. Their customers come first and foremost. And they have highly competitive prices. And many many years of experience. I would recommend them to anybody.

James D.


We had a large water oak with a base diameter of 60”. The team was very courteous and worked very hard. Timothy the team leader climbed the tree instead of using a bucket. It took them 3 days to cut down this tree. They hauled off the branches and brush but left the huge trunk for the city to pick up. They pulled the trunk out to the street. It took the city 8 days to pick up the rest of the tree and charged me $25. After the tree pieces were all picked up and the stump was ground up nothing was left but 5” deep of stump grind and sawdust. Good Job – T & D!

David M.




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